About Us

We are thrilled you have found your way to K9Pitstop, the gateway to ultimate canine athletic performance!

Like you, our roots are deeply embedded in our passion and love for our dogs.

Decades of ultra-competitive field trialing, dog mushing and in-the-field competitive canine competitions, clearly demonstrated to us the importance of a high-fat, high-protein quality dog food fed 365 days a year. Top canine nutritionists found the underpinning of a correct high-fat, high-protein diet lays up the right kind of foundational energy stores dogs need as a baseline for optimal performance.

We agree!

PreHydrate and ReFuel are uniquely designed to work in conjunction with such a diet and proper training to produce peak in-the-field performance.

As athletes ourselves, we competed realizing the critical need to be properly hydrated prior to competition, and to stay effectively hydrated during activity. It’s no different for our dogs.

Through years of intense competitive canine sporting endeavors, we discovered our proverbial “ace up our sleeves” in PreHydrate and ReFuel. When we supplemented our dogs' water intake with PreHydrate the night before, and the morning of strenuous activity, PreHydrate produces a super hydrated state, enabling our dogs a significant competitive edge and a safer competitive passage.

As our dogs compete, we supply them every 35-45 minutes of activity with ReFuel, empowering prolonged stamina. In addition, and to create expedited physical recovery, we provide our dogs a dose of ReFuel within 45 minutes of the conclusion of activity. ReFuel works very similar to a marathon Gu long distance human athletes use to maintain endurance and recover quicker.

The one-two punch of PreHydrate and ReFuel is our “silver bullet” when it comes to top, elite canine performance.

The founders of K9Pitstop now bring the decades of successful competitive proprietary advantages - supplied by PreHydrate and ReFuel giving your dog the same advantages, previously held close to the vest by professional dog handlers.  

Thus our slogan – “When Performance Matters”  

Whether you use our products for hiking, running  with your dogs or ultra-competitive canine sports, you will notice a significant boost to your dog’s safety in the field and athletic endurance during activity .

We are so excited to have you and your dog as partners in the amazing passion which is canine athletic competition We share in the great comradery we have with our amazing canine athletes in our own respective activities. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime. We would love to hear your stories, see your pics and root for you and your dog’s success in your own unique competitive journeys.


All the staff and founders here at K9Pitstop